FAUX PAS Magazine Issue # 2 ‘Echoes Of Fashion Humanities’ was published in October 2016. Creative directors are Marc Beaussart & Nour Saleh. I was invited to be a contributor when the magazine was on the drawing board, and thus indeed I contributed an article called ‘The Backwardness Of Fashion’ to the inaugural Issue # 1.

When Marc discussed Issue # 2 with me, the theme was around washing clothes, and how it seems to be rarely discussed in the fashion industry. I duly wrote an article called ‘Dirty Washing’, and decided to do a photo shoot to accompany it. Given my songwriting history, to set it in a launderette was a no-brainer! I did some location scouting (which resulted in a telephone call to a Mr. Duvet, who turned down my request to do a shoot in his local chain of launderettes). I then came across ‘The Wash Inn’ in Queens Road, Hastings: perfect & I was given permission by the owner! I then customised a dress by stencilling enlarged washing care symbols on it, and also made a ‘Speed Queen’ washing machine fascinator for my head and a SPEED QUEEN lollipop to shake at people in an unthreatening manner. Top portrait photographer Hannah Maule-Ffinch came down to Hastings for the day and carried out the photo shoot. I was also assisted by Celina Zomer, who did my hair and make-up. This image did not make the final editorial cut at FAUX PAS, so I’ve decided to share it here. ..






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