photo: charlotte st. aubyn

I was born on the Isle of Wight in 1958, and subsequently relocated to Royal Leamington Spa. After an excursion into the world of Punk with my band The Shapes (1977 to 1980), I moved to London and attended Goldsmiths College, London where I gained a BA (Hons) Fine Art. In the years that followed my graduation, I showed sculptures and drawings in group shows in London, Munich and Basel throughout the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, until I detoured back into performing (as Ben the Wendy and in the trannyband Candy Darling) in acoustic and cabaret clubs in London. I was also quietly working away with photography and film-making. In 2006, I relocated to Hastings, East Sussex. In 2008, the TOXIC project began to develop, partly inspired by studying Counselling and Indian Head Massage. The project allowed me the freedom to employ all the techniques and interests that I had developed in the preceding years, with a strong emphasis on object-making, digital prints and  potential installations. I am currently still working away on the project and actively seeking opportunities to exhibit the work and to produce prints, books and other limited-edition objects. A selection of my work from the past thirty years may be seen here at cacaphonique.

Download a pdf of the TOXIC project here>

Contact :

Phone : 00 44 (0)7970 672676

Microsoft Word - BEN BROWTON CREATIVE CV (APRIL 2015).docx

  1. Will Kelsall said:

    Hi Ben….Will Kelsall from L/Spa……interesting stuff!

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