A while ago, my Nagoyan comradess, Megumi Tachibana, introduced me to the concept of the Zetta Ryouiki or Absolute Territory, which developed from anime and manga.  It refers to the amount of bare skin showing between the top of a sock or stocking, and the hem of a skirt. I was very taken with the concept of a highly-defined measure of revealment, which for me chimed with conceptual approaches to making artwork. Something about it also reminded me of Duchamp’s ‘Standard Stoppages’, a work I have always loved. I then started to develop a work around the Zetta Ryouiki. In Tokyo, I had seen an ‘anti-terrorist’ police plinth in a metro station, and I also thought of the work ‘Magic Base’ by Piero Manzoni on my return to England. A combination of the two led me to make the work ‘BASE MAGIC’:

TOXIC Base Magic © Ben Browton2017

The next step was to put myself on the BASE MAGIC, modelling my own take on the Zettai Ryouiki. I used a wonderful flame dress that I bought on ebay a couple of years ago, and collected together a selection of socks and stockings. I eventually did a photoshoot in my studio yesterday, 4th July. The excellent photographer on the day was my longtime friend Alexander Brattell.  I then composed each individual image into the draft image below:

Absolute Territory composite proof (Browton_Brattell) 4July17

I will hopefully exhibit this work in the future, in a format I will decide at that time.

Alexander Brattell: http://www.zetetic.co.uk

With many thanks to Megumi Tachibana for the translations and for obtaining a specific Japanese font I wanted, similar to one I saw on a roadworks sign in Hatagaya, Tokyo.

Font used for BASE MAGIC: JNR-SB-Font OTF



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